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The Cashroom - Clio

Reduce Risk

With integrations into the leading banking platforms, Cashroom can significantly reduce the risk of human error and save time when initiating payments and checking for incoming funds. Seamless integration between Cashroom and Clio means that data which has been approved in our partner approval workflow is only entered once, it cannot then be changed which reduces the risk of error.

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Ensure compliance

Enjoy peace of mind as Cashroom’s expert legal cashiers ensure your firm is compliant with the solicitor accounts rules. Cashroom portal dashboards give quick and easy visibility into your business. Seamless integrations between Cashroom and Clio means that client matters and transactions are easily viewed from our Cashroom portal.

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Increase Efficiency

Increase efficiency with sophisticated automation and easy to access information, enabling your firm to scale quickly and focus your valuable resources on the law. Cashroom Portal and Clio streamline legal accounting and the management of client funds. The speed and security of process provided by Cashroom allows you to provide your own customers with the best possible service.

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