It’s no doubt the Legal Sector has seen challenging times over the past three years since the pandemic hit. The economic state of the country has added strain on industry. Meeting digital expectations from clients as well as retaining fee earners wanting a better work-life balance since the pandemic has also been a challenge. In Clio’s Legal Trends Report 2022 revealed that in 2021 20% of attorneys were looking for a pay rise and in 2022, 83% of attorneys say flexible working would drive their decisions when looking for a new role. 

One solution that can support firms is the use of cloud technology to support them with their matters, billing and more. 

Why Cloud adopting law firms are outperforming traditional law firms 

Consumer Choice 

It is becoming more and more common for attorneys to work remotely, this means clients no longer need to come into their office to sign paperwork or have a meeting, this can all be done online. This is a huge advantage to consumers, as they are no longer limited to using attorneys who are local to them and have a broader market to choose from. Many law firms offer both ways of working to suit their clients, but it is worth noting that 79% of consumers said working remotely with an attorney is a key factor in hiring them. Showing that consumers are shifting to preferring remote working as it offers better convenience for them. 

When choosing a law firm, reviews have the largest impact on hiring decisions for consumers, with less than 1% of consumers in Clio’s survey concerned about the type of law firm e.g., Commercial, 16% were interested in location, compared to 52% interested in clients’ reviews. Showing consumers are driven by customer service and reviews over location. 


Firms utilizing cloud-based technology are better placed to adapt and change to future changes and circumstances. Their way of working allows them to quickly adapt processes and procedures when needed. 

Customer Satisfaction 

Clio’s Legal Trends Report shows that in cloud-based law firms customer satisfaction is 86% compared to non-cloud-based firms at 60%. The report also states how the growth of firms using cloud technology is higher as well as employee satisfaction. Cloud technology is allowing attorneys to work more flexible hours, as well as freeing up time for them to spend on fee earning tasks, meaning more work is getting done within their hours of work. 

A New Legal Era 

Law firms utilizing technology and support available to them through cloud computing, outsourcing and much more have more capacity to deal with increased demand as they can lean on technology and sources available to them. Law firms are choosing cloud technology to support their firm’s growth and because they are reaching for financial growth and a better work-life balance. Clio reported that 42% of attorneys work on a Saturday, often completing work to keep up with demand. Using technology can lift some of the strain on attorneys and support their job satisfaction. Only 29% of attorneys are working from the office exclusively since the pandemic with law firms beginning to support a hybrid way of working to suit both their employees and clients. 

Law firms utilizing cloud technology are more sustainable and able to retain and attract talent due to their forward-thinking approach to running their firm. Firms using cloud technology are winning in the new legal era. 

Read more about the Legal Trends of 2022 in Clio’s report here. 

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