This is a personal tale, so if it doesn’t resonate with you then skip ahead. Lara, an industry friend, encouraged me to share this story. While many of you might find my achievement effortless and not worthy of a shout out; I have spent the past decade engulfed in work and raising three children, neglecting my own well-being along the way. The demands of juggling work and family responsibilities left me with little time for fitness, pushing my health to the back burner. 

As the new year dawned, I gazed into the mirror and realized I no longer recognized the reflection staring back at me. The burden of both physical and emotional weight had me constantly feeling down, lethargic, and generally yuck. Standing just over 5 feet tall, the extra pounds weighed heavily on me, not just physically but mentally. 

Whether it was my appearance, my eldest turning 10, or the approaching milestone of my youngest starting school, a realization dawned upon me that life was moving on and change was necessary. 

Enter the Couch to 5k program – a lifeline promising a manageable route for even the busiest individuals to reintegrate fitness into their routines. With no specific time of day required and the flexibility to squeeze in a jog wherever I happened to be, the program seemed tailor-made for my hectic lifestyle. Despite my scepticism towards prioritizing exercise, I embarked on this journey with determination, armed with the Couch to 5k app as my virtual guide. 

The initial run was a humbling experience. Gasping for breath within minutes, doubts crept in about my ability to persevere. Yet, a spark within me for the first time in a long time refused to extinguish. I owed it to myself to push forward. 

Involving my family, I took my two eldest children along on some runs. Initially amused by my struggles, their laughter at me panting away soon transformed into words of encouragement as they witnessed my commitment to the program. As weeks passed, their giggles turned into cheers – “Come on, Mum, keep going!” 

At work, Alex became my running partner, and together we embarked on this journey, exchanging tips and motivation. Alex has a big hairy goal in sight, and I will leave that there for him to share when he is ready. 

Step by step, run by run, the app guided me through the program, each session drawing me closer to my goal. While some days proved more challenging than others, the app’s gentle nudges and structured plan kept me motivated, urging me to press on, even on the toughest days. That final tick box after each run and each week served as a rewarding motivator. Even during a networking event, I traded post-conference drinks for a 5k run, a testament to my newfound dedication. 

Today, I can lace up my shoes and tackle up to 6km. The sense of achievement is more than the mere physical changes – it fuels me with newfound energy and a desire to accomplish more each day. 

Now, with the 5k conquered, my sights are set on the 10k. Yet, I stand at a crossroads, unsure of how to proceed. 

Hence, I turn to you, my industry friends, seeking guidance. How do I transition from the Couch to 5k to training for a 10k? How do I continue prioritizing my health amidst the chaos of daily life? And most importantly, how do I sustain this newfound strength and resilience and infuse it into my workdays? 

While early morning workouts and marathons may not be my forte, completing three 5k runs a week is a significant milestone, one I aim to surpass. 

The road ahead may pose challenges, but recent weeks have revealed my untapped potential. With determination, persistence, and the support of loved ones, I am prepared to give it a go. 

To those who have accompanied me on this journey, thank you. It may have taken me 10 years but here’s to rediscovering my strength, one run at a time. 

Emma O’Day, Chief Marketing Officer, The Cashroom


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