Cashroom’s Winter Wellbeing Tips for a Brighter Workday

As we return to work after the festive period and winter settles in, bringing with it colder temperatures and shorter days, many of us find ourselves feeling a little bogged down. ‘Blue Monday’ typically falls on the third Monday of January and is considered to be the most depressing day of the year, the day most of us begin to give up on our new year’s resolutions and the reality of being back in work, the dark nights, rain and cold, starts to really get to us. The winter months can really impact our wellbeing, however, with a proactive approach and some thoughtful strategies we can cultivate a positive and fulfilling work environment, even in winter months. 

Here is some of our top tips for maintaining your wellbeing and combating the winter blues. 

  • Prioritize Self Care

It’s important to dedicate time for relaxation to manage your stress levels effectively. Embrace a self-care routine to nurture your physical and mental health. Ensure to get enough sleep, maintain a balanced diet and engage in activities that you love. A lunchtime walk in the park or time to read your favourite book, or just 5 minutes of deep breathing and relaxing can make a huge difference. 

    • Let there be Light 

Combat the winter gloom by maximising exposure to natural light. Position your workspace near windows and take breaks outdoors when possible. Exposure to more natural light helps us to regulate our circadian rhythm, helping boost our mood and energy levels. 

  • Stay Active

Regular exercise is a powerful tool for maintaining wellbeing. Even during winter, find ways to stay active. Whether its a brisk walk during lunch, home workouts or joining a fitness class, keeping your body moving can really help boost your mood, physical and mental wellbeing. 

  • Create a Cozy Workspace 

Make sure your workspace is comfortable for you. Add warm lighting, make sure your seat is comfortable and supportive. You can also personalize your workspace with items that bring you comfort, for example a family picture. A cozy atmosphere can make a significant difference in your motivation and increase positivity. You are more likely to feel happy and content when working in an environment that you love.

  • Connect with Others 

Combat feelings of isolation and loneliness through social connections. Schedule virtual coffee breaks and ensure regular team meetings to maintain and build a sense of community with colleagues, creating an open work environment where you can support each other.

  • Set (Realistic) Goals

Make your goals manageable by breaking down your tasks and prioritise them. Setting achievable goals and objectives can help you stay motivated and reduce feelings of overwhelm, contributing to a more positive work environment and keeping your motivation and positive attitude throughout the winter months. 

  • Plan Ahead

Whether it is a work meet up, holiday planning, night out, coffee date with a friend, make sure to plan things to look forward to. Having enjoyable events on the horizon can help lift our spirits and help with motivation throughout winter.

As we head back to work and routine and winter settles in, it is essential to prioritize your wellbeing, implementing activities and habits that bring you positivity and warmth. Staying active, fostering connections and creating a comfortable work environment means we can better navigate the challenges of winter.

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